World Health Day

Today’s World Health Day is a good opportunity to draw attention to the fact that while COVID-19 has hit all countries hard, the impact has been most severe in the poorest and most vulnerable regions of the world, as the United Nations report. The pandemic affects the already critical socioeconomic situation of developing countries, increases poverty, food insecurity and poses an enormous challenge for the education system. Noteworthy, people also have even less access to quality health services.

In addition to the threat of COVID-19, health care systems in low- and middle-income countries are struggling with infectious diseases such as malaria and a dramatic increase in cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Therefore, more than ever, our key priority at Denk Pharma is to ensure the continuous supply of medicines to our patients around the world. In this difficult time, we also support our partners worldwide with the necessary equipment and digital training. Denk Pharma is also active through our partners in promoting safety awareness via campaigns and supplying protective equipment.