We donate “a piece of forest”

More and more people in developing countries around the world are suffering from the consequences of increasing drought. In a joint pilot project, Denk Ingredients and Denk Pharma have supported a project dedicated to this problem.The forest makers in Kenya, who are supported by World Vision, are in charge of a reforestation project. Using a […]

Auch in diesem Jahr hat Denk Pharma Forschungsstipendien an Ärzte in der Mongolei vergeben, die sich durch eine hervorragende Leistung in der Patientenbetreuung und unermüdliches Engagement in der Forschung auszeichnen. Honoriert wurden beispielsweise die Einführung fortschrittlicher Technologien in die klinische Praxis sowie herausragende Leistungen während der globalen COVID-19-Pandemie

Scholarships for physicians in Mongolia

This year Denk Pharma has once again awarded research grants to physicians in Mongolia who are distinguished by their outstanding performance in patient care and tireless commitment to research.Awards were for example given for introducing advanced technology in the clinical practice and for outstanding achievements during the global COVID 19 pandemic.



Blood cancer is the fifth most common cancer-related cause of death worldwide. Stem cell transplantation is often the only chance of survival, but many patients do not find a suitable donor. We are happy, that around 40 Denk Pharma colleagues registered with DKMS as potential bone marrow donors.


Preventive measure regarding the detection of an impurity in medicines containing the active substance valsartan.

Preventive measure regarding the detection of an impurity in medicines containing theactive substance valsartan:Valsartan Impurity_ENG_07.2018 


United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

The UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) is the lead UN organization for the funding of population programmes worldwide.It expands the possibilities for women to lead healthy and productive lives where every pregnancy is wanted and every birth safe.Since April 2015 Denk Pharma supports the organization with an broad spectrum antibiotic within a long term agreement.The […]

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