A Denk Pharma Initiative for Trust in Quality Medicines



Countries in which Substandard and Falsified Medical Products have been Discovered and Reported to the WHO.


Counterfeit Medicines are Manufactured with the Intent of Committing Fraud. Production Is Carried out Illegally and Without any Controls.








Categories of counterfeiting

• Products without active ingredient(s)
• Products with incorrect amounts (too much or too little) of the active ingredient

• Products with counterfeit / incorrect ingredients
• Products with a high degree of contamination



Substandard Medicines

Often, illegal medicines do not contain any of the active ingredient required to have an
effect, or do so in an incorrect dose.
Various substances that are used as fillers or substitutes can be harmful, contaminated
with impurities or even dangerous to life.




Facts & Figures

One in 10 medications in developing countries is counterfeit or of inadequate quality.

The WHO estimates that, every year, a million people die from taking counterfeit medicines.



• According to estimates by the WHO, half of all12
counterfeit medicines involve generic preparations!

Worldwide, the annual turnover of counterfeit
medicines in 2010 was around Euro 60 billion.

42% of all reports of counterfeiting of medicines came
to the WHO from Africa.



Denk Pharma – Guarantee of Medicine Safety

Denk Pharma – Trust Based on Safety

Denk Pharma offers exactly the same quality to every patient worldwide as they
would find in any German pharmacy.

Quality is the watchword of everything we do. Starting with the choice of raw materials,
continuing throughout the production process and manufacture of products to
transport to the end client, all processes are subject to the strictest quality controls.


Rely on Tested Denk Pharma Medicines




• Manufactured in Germany!

• Quality controlled in Germany!

• Registered in Germany!







Innovative Technologies and the Highest Quality Standards Safeguard the Production of Medicines in Germany.

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