United against COVID-19

Denk Pharma is taking various measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the risk of infection for our employees around the world. This includes the possibility of working from home, maintaining the recommended spatial distance, and additional hygiene measures in offices. Our partners all over the world are also doing a lot to […]


Virtual recruiting

In the current situation, creative solutions are required in the recruiting and application process.We usually conduct a personal interview with us in-house after the first telephone interview.These personal conversations are now being replaced by video appointments.Here, applicants have the opportunity to get to know the recruiting team and the department virtually.This procedure offers several advantages […]


Television appearance in Nicaragua

As part of a television appearance on the Nicaraguan program “La Salud en Tus Manos”, our Denk Pharma colleagues answered questions about the company’s history and our consistently high quality standards in over 80 countries around the world.


Distance learning for midwives in Senegal

In Kolda, a rural region in Senegal, there is only one gynecologist for 81,000 inhabitants. The main contacts for gynecology and obstetrics are midwives. Therefore, together with the Senegal Medical Faculty and the African Center of Excellence for Maternal and Child Health, Denk Pharma supported distance learning for midwives in Kolda. They were able to […]


Fight the Fakes

“Fight the Fakes Week” aims to raise awareness about the danger of falsified and substandard medicines. The World Health Organization WHO estimates that one in ten medications in developing countries is counterfeit or of inadequate quality. According to estimates a million people die from taking counterfeit medicines each year. With educational brochures and podcasts we […]

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