Strengthen young women’s education together with AddYouCation

Since 2012 Denk Pharma supports the school education of young women at St. Catherine Senior High School for Girls in Agbakope, Ghana through sponsorships under the patronage of AddYouCation Voluntary Association. AddYouCation has been developed in 2009 as initiative of HENN architects and supports school projects, where they are needed most.

Since the successful construction of the first dormitory (2011) by AddYouCation local and international supporters have been interested to participate in the school project in Agbakope. Currently AddYouCation supports St. Catherine Senior High School for Girls through:

  • Sponsorships
  • Completion of the third dormitory and
  • Conception of a building for the subjects “Home Economics and Science”

Through the education of the women the association provides the students with the chance of a better and safer future.

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group-of-girls-infront-of-dormitory-3 girls_dormitory1_fun