Stiftung Warentest – testing of prenatal Denk

Stiftung Warentest is an independent German organisation that examines goods and services from various providers. In this case, 17 food supplements for women who wish to have children and for pregnant women were tested – including prenatal Denk.

Pregnant women have an increased need for many vitamins and nutrients. Folic acid and iodine, in particular, play an important role when wanting to have children and during pregnancy: folic acid reduces the risk of a neural tube defect in the embryo; iodine supports normal thyroid function and the normal growth of the child. 

Stiftung Warentest examined whether the indicated dosage corresponds to the recommendations of professional associations such as DGE or EFSA and whether legal regulations such as the Health Claims Regulation were complied with. The declared quantity of selected ingredients was verified by means of laboratory analyses. The products were also tested for residues and contaminants.

Of the 17 products tested, 8 products received the rating “suitable”. prenatal Denk is even one of the cheapest out of the 8 best-rated products. The other competitors were rated “suitable with restrictions” or “not very suitable”. The addition of iron, in particular, was viewed critically here. As each woman’s iron requirements are individual, these should be determined beforehand by a doctor and the trace element should only be supplemented in an adapted dosage.

The complete evaluation was published in Stiftung Warentest issue 06/2019.

We are very pleased about this positive result, which confirms our high demands on the quality of our products.