donation humedica

In more than 80 countries, our employees work to improve health care for people. As part of the humedica supply aid, charitable institutions in currently 14 countries are regularly provided with in-kind donations. This year, DENK Pharma made a donation to humedica in line with its corporate mission. After all, apart from catastrophes and media coverage, there is still a great need, especially in Eastern European countries. Especially in countries like Romania, the care for those in need is very poor. Albania was also a target of the DENK Pharma aid delivery.  A tense economic situation, poverty and an ailing health care system rob people of hope for a better life. 

The humedica partners on site distribute the donations in orphanages, hospitals, mobile clinics, retirement homes and various aid facilities.

“A heartfelt thank you. This donation reaches a lot of people that nobody else thinks of”, says Cecilia Homilius, humedica employee for business cooperation. ” In-kind donations like those from Denk Pharma make it possible again to relieve pain and need.”

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