45th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Germany and Mongolia


On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of German-Mongolian diplomatic relationship, our Denk Pharma colleagues were invited as guests to give a lecture at a launch event and at the Pharmaceutical Association. The focus was on the German health care system and German pharmacies, the governmental and regulatory requirements in Germany and Europe, as well as the new legal standards for protection against counterfeiting. 

During a banquet we were honored by the presence of the German Ambassador of Mongolia, and as part of the program our colleagues talked about the role of the healthcare professionals in preventing medication errors. Subsequently, students from the Young Medical Leaders Program were honored and received Denk Pharma Scholarships.  

Our colleagues also talked about these scholarship programs, in which Denk Pharma sets up to support outstanding students and young medical professionals, during their appearance on Mongol HD TV, the Mongolian breakfast television.

Another TV appearance in the Bloomberg TV was used by our colleagues to discuss the trends in the pharmaceutical industry and the use of antibiotics.